Stationary silos

The stationary silos with capacity from 5 to 100 m³ are used for storing of bulk and mixed materials of various masses. They are in a non-pressurised configuration with self supporting steel structure. All silos are equiped with standard accessories such as ladder with protective structure, roof railing, filling pipes, inspection holes, filter flanges, vibration units, closing gates, and over and under pressure valves.


storage of one type of material


possibility of storing more types of material


specially designed silos


  • typical – 5 až 100 m³
  • minimal – 1 m³
  • maximal – 500 m³

Basic material:

  • carbon steel
  • stainless steel

Surface finish:

  • blasting
  • primer and top coat
  • thermal zinc spraying
  • hot-dip galvanizing for silo accessories
  • advertising, corporate banners

Basic equipment:

  • supporting steel structure
  • filling or overflow pipe
  • entrance manhole
  • flanges: filter, sensors, measurement
  • overpressure, underpressure damper
  • vibrator bracket

Basic accessories:

  • exit ladder with protective basket
  • roof railing with eaves bar
  • dump shut-off valve with manual control

Other accessories:

  • material release in the cone (vibrator, air)
  • electrical cable glands
  • inner ladder
  • walking platforms
  • other supporting and supporting structures


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