Production of steel silos,
tanks and structures.


STAVECO Morava spol. s r.o.

Staveco Morava, spol. s r.o. has been one of the leading engineering companies in the manufacture of steel structures, storage bins, hoppers, tanks and steel silos for mixes and bulk materials for almost three decades. We also supply all the project and production documentation, static calculations and we provide complete consulting and project expertise.

Our products

Transport silos and containers

For transport and storage of dry bulk materials and mixtures. The silos are equipped with transport rails, which allow the silo to be placed on a solid base without the need for anchoring.

Stationary silos

Stationary silos are used for storage of bulk materials and mixtures. They are delivered welded and painted, including accessories and equipment.

Small silos

We produce mini-silos with a volume of 1 to 3 m3 in diameters according to customer requirements with the possibility of loading, transport and unloading using a forklift.


Design of cylindrical, square tanks or according to customer requirements. Materials in steel, stainless steel or a combination of metal + plastic.

Pressure silos

Pressure vessels made of carbon or stainless steel with a surface treatment according to the customer’s wishes.

Hoppers and storage bins

We manufacture and supply sizes and designs according to customer requirements.

Steel structures

We offer quality welded structures and carbon and stainless steel products. Comprehensive deliveries from construction and calculations, through transport to assembly at the destination.

Machinery equipment

Deliveries of individual machine parts to entire technological lines according to customer requirements.

Piping and chimneys

The complete delivery includes design, production and assembly.

Welded machine parts

Deliveries of basic and shape-demanding products, including quality control, quality certificate.

Transport equipment

We manufacture and supply roller, chain, belt and other conveyors.

Atypical products

Any products according to the agreed design or documentation of the customer, including the transport of oversized loads to the destination.

Our services

Repairs of steel silos

Production and assembly

Plasma and oxy-fuel cutting

Blasting with steel grit


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We supply our products to almost all of Europe